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Kids' password-protected Home Bank. Accepts/Converts Coins & Bills

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Would you like to give your kid the feel and touch of using the services of a real bank? Here's the answer: An advanced digital virtual bank machine for kids to deposit their coins, convert them into bills, and several other functions of a bank. That would be a cool and useful gift...It also helps teach the kids something they will need to be versed in later in their lives,


Below are some specs and images to show you all the functions and operation of this amazing product. Enjoy!


Product Category: Safe password piggy bank
Material: Natural Resin
Battery: 3 X AA Batteries (Not Included)
Color: as shown
Size: 19x13.5x13cm



Follow the steps below to use a safe:
Warm Tip: You need to enter a four-digit code firstly to open the safe. Safe default password is: 0000.

1. Enter 4 digits password, a green light will shine. If you enter a wrong password, the red light shines and you may hear some voice "PLEASE TRY AGAIN"

2. Then rotate the knob clockwise to open the door. Green light shines for 10 seconds, you will hear the door squeak.

3. If the door is kept on opening for longer than 10 seconds, green light stops shining and makes the beeps sounds every 20 seconds. Close the door to stop the beeping.

4. Put Banknote into the mouth directly. Enter the password then you can withdraw money.

5. When you finished, please confirm the door is closed.

To change the password, follow these steps:

1. Enter the current password (default is 0000) and open the door.
2. Hold the * button down, both green light and red light flash.
3. Within 15 seconds, enter the new 4-digits password, press # button to store your new password, both lights stop flashing.



1. If the new password did not enter within 15 seconds, the application will stop and you should restart it to go on.
2. Release the "*" button and close the door, you will hear beeps or sounds.
3. Enter your current password and open the door.(default 0000) Push the switch on the door back left or the right to set the beeps or sounds.
4. Close the door of the safe.

Packing list:

1 x Electronic Piggy Bank




The Kids' password-protected Home Bank. Accepts/Converts Coins & Bills destined to impress, and priced at only $63.98, for a limited time.

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