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Edge-of-Technology 20000mAh Mini Power Bank For Portable Devices

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Smart phones have become next to air and water on the list of human necessities. It isn't an impressive fact, as man must not rely on things to live. However, it is the reality of most people: They simply can't survive today's digital pervasive lifestyle without their phones. A new habit has been formed out of thin air: Checking the phone every five minutes or less, and spending hours on it everyday...

So, we need to make sure that those devices are always up and running. To fulfill that they need two things: Wifi and battary life, all the time.

This product covers the second aspect: An attractive, yet effective, portable, mini, power bank that can fit easily in your pocket or wallet. And will keep your device well-fed with electrical power, whenever you go.

What sets this apart is its light weight, small size, long battery life, high quality and elegant look and feel.

Explore the specs and images below. Pick yours today. It's an essential piece of digital necessity you highly need. Enjoy!



Battery Type: Li-polymer 
Features: Quick Charging
Features: Flashlight
Features: Digital Display
Output Interface: Double USB
Battery Capacity: 20000mAh
Supported Devices: Tablets, Drones, Digital Cameras, Smartphones
Charging Devices:for Drones
Charging Devices:for Camera
Charging Devices:for Smartphone
Input Interface: Micro USB Type C
Shell Material: Plastic

Life is too short to live without the Edge-of-Technology 20000mAh Mini Power Bank For Portable Devices. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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