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8GB Professional Voice Recorder with WAV/MP3 Player

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We live the digital revolution. No doubt about that.

Multimedia is the corner stone of end-user's experience of that revolution.

Since the beginning of human life on earth, voice has been the primary mode of communication among humans. They  have also used it to communicate with other creatures, like animals and plants (yes, that's true!).

Man has always wanted to go back to a conversation or a sound to reflect, ponder or just know.

Voice recording has been around for almost 200 years. However, now it's become so easy and affordable.

This device offers you what used to need a professional studio, in a hand-held product! You can carry it with you anywhere you go to enjoy fine quality voice recording and playback,

Please go through the detailed specifications, the high quality images and video on this page, to learn more. Enjoy!



  1. One-Button recording by pressing REC
  2. Three recording modes
  3. VAR/VOR system (Voice Activated/operated recording)
  4. Recording via a high-grade, built-in microphone
  5. Play-back via a high quality speaker
  6. Recording via an external microphone
  7. LCD screen with backlight
  8. Can be used as a drive-free USB flash disk
  9. Built-in rechargeable cell
  10. Low rechargeable cell indicator
  11. Recording time display: Hours and minute (24-hour format)
  12. Recording Memory: 8 GB
  13. Format: MP3 and WAV
  14. Bit rate: 1536 Kbps
  15. Recording time: HQ-96 hours. Normal Quality-136 hours
  16. Other recording sources: Telephone recording, built-in MIC
  17. Battery: 220 mAh (Can record for about 15 hours)
  18. Supported OS: Windows 2000 / XP / 7 / Vista / 8 / and IOS
  19. Product dimensions: 3.8"x1.3"x 0.47"
  20. Package Includes: 1 x Voice recorder 1 x Earphone 1 x USB cable 1 x Microphone 1 x Audio cable 1 x Telephone cable 1 x English user Manual 1 x Telephone/recording junction box
  21. NOTE: Turn the device on when the recorder is fully charged

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