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StoreFour Affiliate Program (SAP)

Welcome to SAP.

Note: The starting reward is 15% of NET PROFIT, not sale price. Any questions? email us at

Here is how it's calculated:

Suppose you've successfully closed a sale with a total order sale price of $100.

The combined cost of all products in that order (including taxes and shipping) was $60.

Net Profit: 100 - 60 = $40

Your reward would be: 0.15 * 40 = $6.00

Please read the following set of Terms and Conditions carefully before clicking the link below:


1- SAP exclusively calculates and transfers rewards when all terms and conditions are met

2- As mentioned above, the starting reward is 15% of net profit

3- Every three months, SAP reviews performance (behaviour, total amount of closed sales/month, and few other factors) . The outcome of the review is used to decide if reward percentage would be increased

4- You need a verified PayPal account to start receiving rewards

5- Reward transfer commences once your affiliate balance reaches CAD$50

6- There's a two-week wait period before the first transfer

7- Reward payments take place every two weeks after the wait period

8- In case you decide to leave the program, SAP transfers your outstanding balance within three weeks of your departure

9- In rare occasions, SAP may ask for a resume and/or work references before approving an application

10- The above Terms and Conditions may change without prior notice. However, SAP updates all active affiliates within a week of the change

Happy to have you onboard!


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