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Relaxing White Noise Advanced instrument: Office/Home/Travel

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Have you ever found yourself struggling to fall asleep in a hotel room, while trying to get some rest before next day's packed business meetings?

Or do your neighbors like to turn up their TV's when it's time to sleep?

No matter what is it that bothers you, whether trying to sleep, focusing on your work or studying, or just need some quiet time to relax or meditate, this advanced device will help you with any of that. It will add peace and tranquility to your days and nights,  guaranteed.

With different relaxing tones to choose from, compact and creative design, high quality audio, fast USB charging, and more, this device will certainly result in improved health, added productivity, and a wide smile on your face every morning...

The images and specs on this page are worth reviewing carefully, as they tell the whole story of this amazing peace of innovation.

Go ahead, explore, pick and act today. You'd get free shipping worldwide. If you add something else to your order to reach CAD$39.99 or more, you'll also get a 25% special discount on the entire order. Details in the store. See you soon. Enjoy!




The Relaxing White Noise Advanced instrument: Office/Home/Travel is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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